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Get the best Nespresso cups in some awesome flavours

Nespresso cups and the capsules containing the rich coffee blend are the all-time favourite of coffee connoisseurs. Whether it is in the eastern countries, or in the western unions, this coffee has tickled the taste buds of many people through all the generations. The intensity of the cups and the rich blend of exotic coffee flavours are the best suited when you want to have either Espresso, or cafe latte, or cafe mocha, and other varieties of hot and cold coffee. In fact, you can also experiment with the Nespresso coffee beans by mixing them with assorted tea buds, or chocolates on top.

The variety of Nespresso which are reserved in a special manner:

The special engraved white variety of Nespresso cups can be said to be not just one of the richest varieties in terms of containing coffee and giving aesthetic taste, but they are also good collectibles also in terms of the price range. It is specifically suited to your luxury needs, and if you are out on a grand holiday. This coffee is a blend of the dark Arabica taste, and you can make it smooth with cream or slight milk. This Nespresso capsule is generally made from large sized or over sized coffee beans.

The intense varieties of Nespresso coffee: try to get the smoothness

  • · The kazaar is one popular intense variety of the Nespresso, and it combines the double blend of the Robusta and other coffee beans from Guatemala. The full texture can be accelerated with the addition of cream or honey latte on top. For better results, you can also reduce the bitterness by adding wafers and chocolate sauce inside the Nespresso liquid.


  • · There is also another product in the Nespresso capsule variety, and that includes the very famous Arpeggio coffee. This is slightly less intense than the kazaar, and this coffee is extracted from the plantations in central parts of America. The cocoa beans which are used in making this blend, is also used to make dark chocolate. These beans can be roasted or put under the piston of a French press coffee machine to get the ultimate strong brew. However you have to read the instruction leaflets very carefully to know about the ideal temperature to brew this coffee capsule.


  • · They are available in the combination of cups and plates where you can use them for drinking your favourite Nespresso. You can add sugars, and if you want, you can make the plain Ristretto and black coffee also.

Types of Nespresso cups:

The Nespresso cups are available in different sizes:

· Sets of two porcelain cups in white and golden colour which can store up to 60ml coffee.

· The cappuccino and ristretto cups in 140ml sizes available for domestic and for cafeteria uses.

· The lungo cups in oval shapes or square shapes are also popular crockery sets for having the best Nespresso shots or capsules. It comes with engravings, and unbreakable plates, and golden coloured spoons for measuring sugar.

· The professional serving cups for espresso, which is available in 70ml measurements

· There are also coffee mugs, glass-shaped long cups, and measuring cups for milk and sugar.

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